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The Caleb Freese Collection - Launching Today!

Merry Monday, peoples of the world! Today we are officially launching the Caleb Freese Collection. There are only 5 pairs of shoes available, each one unlike any other. These masterpieces were hand-painted by Freese in Brooklyn, NY. Make sure to check out all of the pictures of this limited collection in the Electrolites Footwear Online Shop!

The Electrolites x Caleb Freese Collection is designed in Freese’s unique style of combining multiple design elements and imagery to create a multi-layered final product. The result is a piece of art that is beautiful both in it’s harmony and slight disconnect. View more of Freese’s work here.

“Freese merges painting, photography, design, and printmaking into a seamless but disparate display of beauty, energy, intimate human interaction, and the motion created as masses of people collide.”
-Jan Spellar (PACC art critic)

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