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Letter from the Electrolites Team

Hello friends,

We thought it was important to reach out to all of those that follow us through various media and social networks. It means the world that you have stayed interested in Electrolites Footwear and are hungrier than ever for what we have coming down the pipeline. Without a doubt, we’ve been more impatient than any of you to see the final product, but we promise that what we have on the way will blow your mind, and it’s been worth the wait. These are the best looking shoes we’ve seen in a long time. For real. 

We just returned from our trip to China to visit our factory and OK our final production samples [pictures from our trip coming soon]. We would personally like to say that we couldn’t be happier with the oversight and conditions in our factory. We know that many other companies in our industry do not stress the importance of this, or tend to turn a blind eye, but we are not one of those companies. The quality and care in our factory exceeds most other production facilities around the world, and our requirement for these conditions are responsible for the delay of our release. But now that our search is over, we’re ready to rock and roll. 

Electrolites Footwear is happy to announce that our shoes will be available for purchase through our website this summer. Our site will be launching in the upcoming weeks showcasing artwork for sale by our Electrolites Artists, as well as our limited “Take it Easy” Electrolites Footwear promo tees. We will keep you updated from here on out, but we thought this letter was definitely overdue. Thank you again, and spread the word about Electrolites Footwear.


The Electrolites Team


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