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Electrolites Footwear in the PRIMITIVE LONDON pop-up at FAKE Tokyo!

Electrolites Footwear is headed east! We are honored to be included in the Primitive Boutique pop-up at FAKE Tokyo, supported by CANDY!

That’s three of the most bad-ass stores coming together to rock your socks with Electrolites. Think KFC/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut times a million, on acid, wearing light-up shoes. Yeah, that bad-ass.

Lots of info below:


PRIMITIVE LONDON が日本に!CANDY とのコラボをし、FAKE showroom (渋谷)にてポップアップショップを開催!

今回、東京初のポップアップ ショップでは、ロンドン発の各アンダーグラウンドデザイナ ーによるソロインスタレーションを、渋谷発、新感覚のファッ ションスポット として 注目の 「FAKE」にて新たにリニューアルしたFAKE 3F「フェイクショールーム」にて開催致します!!

4月13日 オープニングナイト

4月14〜30日  11時から9時まで営業

〒150-0042 東京都渋谷区宇田川町18-4 FAKE 3F


PRIMITIVE LONDON & FAKE TOKYO is proud to present PRIMITIVE TOKYO in FAKE showrooms in Shibuya Tokyo.

PRIMITIVE LONDON is a network of underground designers and artists based in East London that showcases talent from Tokyo and London through exhibition, parties and pop-up events around the world.

CANDY is by far the most famous and creative shop in Tokyo stocking the most innovative and original designers from Japan and around the world.

13th of April – Opening night
14th to 30th – DAILY OPENING HOURS: from 11:00 to 21:00.


今回、ロンドンからSOLO EXHIBITION に参加するデザイナーは:

the designers exhibiting are:

PRIMITIVE (http://www.primitivelondon.co.uk/)

CASSETTE PLAYA (http://www.cassetteplaya.com/)

NADIR TEJANI (www.nadirtejani.com)

AVA CATHERSIDE (www.avacatherside.com)

JOSEPH NIGOGHOSSIAN (www.josephnigoghossian.com)

NANO AOSHIMA (www.nanoaoshima.com)

COTTWEILER (www.cottweiler.com)

L_A_N (www.lanzine.com)

DHARMA TAYLOR (www.dharmataylor.com)

MARCELLA DVSI (http://marcelladvsi.com/)

STRNGE (http://www.strnge.com/)

ELECTROLITES FOOTWEAR (http://electrolitesfootwear.com/)

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